Fancy Dress Tea 2018
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Who are the Daughters of Promise?    

A Faith-based mentoring youth development program for girls ages 10 years to 20 years 

Our Mission:   

Our goal is to assist youth to set goals and achieve educational, life and career aspirations.


Daughters of the Promise mission is to serve girls in communities with mentoring support to inspire them to develop positive healthy relationships, self-esteem, youth and character development and community awareness.


May 10, 2018

Lisa Tiller

Setting the tables for our Manners Tea

We are ready for our Fancy Dress Tea to promote the manners and etiquette we’ve learned.

Our Daughters will experience formal dining setting and formal introductions to apply new skill sets.

This year our daughters will share Tea with their Mothers, Grandmother’s, Sisters, Aunt, and Mentors. We will share a beautiful afternoon of tea together.


Here’s a look at our 2017 Fancy Dress Tea.*


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