“The Promise Today to Develop Strong Daughters for Tomorrow”

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Who We Are

         Daughters of the Promise Mentoring, Inc. is 501c-3 Non-Profit                               program offering group mentoring to girls ages 10-20 years                           in the DeKalb and Clayton area. 

We are sharing these services to the community on a bi-monthly schedule.

Our Goals

Daughters of the Promise’s primary goals are to provide youth development programs to female youths in after-school, community settings and off campus settings. To promote, support, guide and enhance positive self-worth and self-esteem and improve decision making process. Our efforts will reduce drop-out rates, teen pregnancies, and provide paths to pursue post-secondary education, entrepreneurism and community activism to develop positive life decisions.

Our Purpose

Daughters of the Promise is designed for female youth ages 10-20 years of age in Clayton and Dekalb Counties presented in group setting. Our primary goal is to assist our daughters to consider their decisions. Decisions are important for our lives and one positive or negative can affect us for a lifetime. We promote, support, guide and enhance positive self-worth, self-esteem and develop improved decision process. We are an adult lead youth centered program that offers structure and youth involvement. Our program assists our daughters with goal setting to achieve educational, life and career aspirations.

Who We Serve

Underserved girls ages 10 – 20 years in community settings. (We do accept a limited number of girls 9 years based on development or need) Our primary focus is middle school ages girls.

What We Do

  • Motivate young girls how 

To establish and achieve personal goals, 

To make positive choices, 

To become leaders and 

To engage in their community thru service learning. 

The most important benefits of the program will focus on building confidence, self-assurance and leadership skills which will                                                       assist our daughters for success.

    *Critical Thinking         * Leadership

       *Character Education    * Public Speaking

            * Goal Setting               * Entrepreneurship

               * Financial Literacy     * Manners & Etiquette

                         * Community Activism   * Enhance College Experience